Interview 2 - Jane Baldwin

Jane Baldwin, Deputy Director of Oxford Preservation Trust

Interviewer: Pete Ledwith
Editor: Emma Coombs
Total recording time: 24 min : 42 sec


  • Jane was interviewed in the Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) office in Oxford City
Access available in Oxfordshire History Centre and Libraries only

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2 Jane explains that the OPT has no direct responsibility for the Oxford Canal but work with other organisations to conserve its heritage. The OPT is a founder member of the Oxford City Canal Partnership, that brought together a plethora of organisations and interest groups in 2008 to champion the canal.

In 2008 OPT and Nuffield College commissioned a study into the historic significance of Worcester Street Car park area including the former canal basin. The report Castle, Canal College is available from the OPT website. The OPT runs an annual Oxford Open Doors weekend to raise public awareness of historic places in the city including the Oxford Canal where the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) provides canal trips.

Jane describes in detail the OPT plan to restore the derelict historic Swing bridge that used to take LMS trains over the Oxford Canal near Jericho. A scheduled ancient monument, that has links to Robert Stephenson, was closed in 1985 when Rewley Road Station was removed to make way for the Said Business School and housing development. However it is a complex project facing a number of barriers and OPT’s capacity (5 staff some of whom are part time) and its resources are very stretched. Nevertheless a restored Swingbridge would be a boost to the Oxford Canal.
24 min : 41 sec