Interview 24 - James Clifton

James Clifton, Enterprise Manager, Canal and River Trust

Interviewer: Jane Wilson
Editor: Emma Coombs
Total recording time: 31 min : 5 sec


  • James Clifton was interviewed in his office at the Canal and River Trust in Milton Keynes
Access available in Oxfordshire History Centre and Libraries only

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24 James describes his role as Enterprise Manager with the Canal and River Trust (he was formerly with the British Waterways Board).

He has a wide range of responsibilities across a large area of the canal network in southern England, which he enjoys particularly as it takes him out and about in the countryside.

James discusses some of the successes of the C&RT work on Oxford Canal including the establishment of Pocket Park and some of the challenges – the resurfacing work needed on the footpath.

He professes a fondness for the Oxford Canal as he was born not too far away from it and came to know it well.
31 min : 5 sec