Interview 8 - Matt Morton

Matt Morton, environmentalist

Interviewer: David Charles
Total recording time: 30 min : 19 sec

Access available in Oxfordshire History Centre and Libraries only

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8 Matt describes coming to live on a boat on the canal in mid-2005 and his leading role in the protest against the British Waterways sale of the Castle Mill boatyard site in Jericho to Spring Residential.

He describes how local people from Jericho, boaters and people from other parts of Oxford came together to challenge the sale and closure of the boatyard. This action culminated in a group of boaters occupying and taking control of the boatyard for 10 months. Matt provides insights into the logistics and politics of running the boatyard occupation and making group decisions given diverse opinions on next steps and goals acknowledging the need for legal as well as direct action in achieving these. He helped found Jericho Community Boatyard Ltd and became a Green councillor.
30 min : 19 sec