Oxfordshire Covid lockdown pictures and stories

We want to collect local material about the Coronavirus pandemic - can you help Oxfordshire History Centre?

Can you help us?

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Can you help us to capture your experiences of Oxfordshire’s lockdown in words and pictures, so that we can archive them at the Oxfordshire History Centre or through our Picture Oxon website, creating a publicly accessible legacy for future residents and communities?

  • How have you been getting on with adapting to work from home, keeping the children engaged and entertained, getting some exercise and a change of scene?
  • What about the experience of shopping and queuing, and coming together to help neighbours?

We'd love to receive any printed material you may have received or created, any stories or diaries you’ve written, and any photos you’ve taken that you're happy to share and see added to the historical record.

Sending images

  • When you take your photo, keep a note of what it is, and when and where it was taken, and email it to Oxfordshire History Centre
  • If the image file is more that 4MB, you may prefer to send to our oxhist@oxfordshire.gov.uk mailbox via a free file transfer service like wesendit.com or wetransfer.com

Important note:
We will make a final selection, from all the images submitted, for adding to our archive collections. We will assume all images are submitted with permission for our non-commercial use, including addition to Picture Oxon.

Sharing online

If you’d also like to share your photo or story immediately, please post it to our Facebook group page, Oxfordshire History Covid Lockdown Pictures and Stories.

Sending written material

  • Physical material may include items you have received from local support groups and offers of help to vulnerable people.
  • It can also be material you and your family have created to support the NHS and keyworkers.
  • Perhaps you have posters or flyers for events that never happened.
  • Have you started keeping a diary about your time during lockdown?

We understand these items may be precious, but if you are willing to give them to us then please keep them safe until we reopen.

When we are open again, you can:

  • Send items directly to us in the post
  • Drop items into an Oxfordshire library, who will ensure they get sent on to us

Our address is: Oxfordshire History Centre, St Luke’s Church, Temple Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2HT.

What about objects?

If your lockdown memorabilia include objects from around the county of Oxfordshire, please contact Oxfordshire Museums Service about donating them.

Are you in Oxford City?

If are in Oxford city, can you also help the Museum of Oxford collect objects, stories, and feelings relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic?